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New year, new covid-19 update

Firstly, we would like to wish every one of our customers and suppliers a very happy new year and are certainly hoping for a smoother sailing in 2021 for us all!

We ended last year looking forward to a well earned break and with a clear idea of what we were coming back to on the 11th of January 2021 but, instead, on the 4th of January we were all greeted with the news of another lockdown. Norse Stone has been proactive in implementing safety measures and procedures to help keep our team and customers safe however this further development in the pandemic and subsequent lockdown has given us a chance to look over what we already have in place and check to see if we need to take any further actions.

For the most part, we are operating very similarly to how we were before Christmas and will be able to re-open on Monday the 11th of January as originally planned. Our office team will be working from home with our quarry and production teams working on site, adhering to government guidelines. Although some essential site visits are permitted when organised ahead of arrival, we will be keeping these to a minimum and encourage customers to contact us by phone or email with enquiries and view our website rather than physically visiting our quarries. This is to help with the spread of Covid-19 but it is also for everyone’s general safety as we work in a busy and active quarry with lots of machinery and plant.

You can keep up to date on any changes to our services here or on any of our social media platforms. If you do need to get in touch with us at all, we are still available Mon – Fri, 9:00am – 5pm. Call us on 01955 467 000, email or visit .

Stay safe and best wishes,

Michael and the Norse Stone team


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