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Top 10 project planning tips

Spring is a time for plans and projects and, as you may have seen on our social media, we have been involved in our very own Norse Stone project building new on-site offices and visitor facilities. So, for anyone looking to start their own Spring project, here is our top 10 tips for successful project planning!

1. Failing to plan is planning to fail All projects no matter how large or small, need some sort of planning and we believe you can never plan enough. Whatever works best for you whether it’s a checklist, a spreadsheet or even just an old notebook, a well planned project is a well executed project.

2. Research, gather and ask Before any work starts, research everything, gather as much information as you can and if you still have any questions, ask!

3. Inspiration is everywhere

Pinterest, Google images and of course website product or project pages, like ours, are full of photo’s and designs that you can use to inspire your project.

4. Drawings are a projects best friend Even a small project benefits from simple sketches or plans and being able to communicate your vision to the people making it a reality keeps everyone on the same page. Many projects use architects, engineers or in-house design teams.

5. Know your budget You have all the information you need, drawings are in place but making sure that the project stays within budget can be tricky. Know your budget from the start and keep a close eye on spending during the project to keep you on track and avoid any extra stresses.

6. Be flexible Sometimes even the best laid plans don’t work out exactly as you want but being able to accommodate sudden changes and still manage to push forward will ensure your projects success.

7. Communication is crucial Especially in current climates, it's just not possible to always be able to speak face-to-face but that doesn’t mean the project has to come to a standstill. Telephone calls, video calls, emails and messages are just a few methods that can and should be used to make sure you project stays on track.

8. Leave it to the professionals

There are definitely jobs and projects that can be tackled by competent DIYers but some jobs are best left to those who know exactly what they are doing. If in doubt, ask for help and advice from a professional.

9. Keep your goal in mind

The start of any project can be full of anticipation and excitement but as time goes on, especially if you experience any delays, it can be easy to get frustrated and down heartened. Always keep your vision and goal at the forefront of your mind and remain focused on pushing through any obstacle in order to achieve it.

10. Be proud When all is said and done, be proud. Be proud of how you planned and tackled your project, be proud of the design and materials used, be proud of those who helped you make it possible and be proud of what all that planning has lead you to achieve.

Using these tips, you’re next project is sure to be a success. At Norse Stone, our friendly team are always on hand to help with any advice, information or design work that is needed so make sure to get in touch and use Spring as the perfect excuse to start planning your project.


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