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A Day In The Life Of A Quarry Elf

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you may have already seen we have a familiar face (and a new one) visiting our Lieurary Quarry at the moment. Dusty the elf is back and he has brought his friend, Pebbles, along to cause some mischief in the run up to Christmas. Dusty first visited us last year and had so much fun that he couldn’t stay away! Our quarry elves have been getting into all sorts of trouble already and, yesterday, Dusty took it upon himself to do a story takeover following him around the quarry for the day to show everyone just some of the things that happen behind the scenes – Check it out!

The morning was spent in the workshop where the guys were busy cutting some Christmas orders so Dusty and Pebbles thought they would take a closer look.

Dusty then thought he would be very helpful and try to get some photos of the saws in action!

Unfortunately, this helpfulness didn’t last long as our elves were caught trying to take the workshop forklift for a spin! It was decided at this point to let the Norse Stone team take back control of the workshop and let Dusty and Pebbles take a break for lunch. The girls in the office were enjoying a healthy lunch of soup and initially thought Dusty was also joining them in having a healthy lunch until they realised his brussel sprouts were actually made of chocolate!

Now full of sugar and ready to go again, they were given the task of doing the stock take. They did a great job and in super quick time too but decided it wasn’t very interesting so, instead, wanted to jump in one of the telehandlers to show Pebbles the sights of the quarry. Thankfully, the elves weren’t able to steer and reach the pedals at the same time and they were quick to run off when the guys returned to use it. With the typical Caithness weather proving to be a bit too wet for the quarry elves liking, they decided to leave trying out the production line or exploring the flag bed for another day and so retreated back to the office.

After all that excitement (and a sugar crash!), Dusty and Pebbles had an early night whilst the Norse Stone team continued working. It was soon discovered they had left us a little surprise by ‘helping’ with our order board. For his shenanigans with the board, Dusty has earned himself a hefty time out today. Let’s hope he will be better behaved for the remainder of his time at Norse Stone!

To find out what else Dusty and Pebbles get up to, keep checking our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

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