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Stone Trends 2018

Like flared trousers and avocado bathroom suites, trends come and go but one item that never goes out of fashion is natural stone.  From modern and contemporary buildings to rustic country cottages, there is always a place to use natural products; inside and out.  And with architects and designers more commonly putting emphasis on using sustainable and crafted materials, stone is an obvious choice of material to use.

When considering stone, most would think of paving, roof tiles or walls and whilst these are all excellent uses, with its striking appearance and durability, Caithness Stone can do so much more.

As a truly versatile material, our stone can be used throughout interior design to bring a sense of nature and the outdoors in to your home.  A robust and non-absorbent material, it is ideal for kitchen or bathroom worktops and flooring, especially with the use of underfloor heating.  Frame your fireplace with a bespoke Caithness Flagstone surround and hearth to make it a stunning focal point for all to enjoy.  Whereas subtle touches including tables with stone tops, coasters and placemats add some interesting textures without intruding too much on the overall interior design.

Outside spaces, too, can benefit from using natural stone in its design.  Formed and quarried in a place that can see all four seasons in one day, Caithness Flagstone is amongst the most durable available making it ideal for exterior use.  Commonly sought after as a building material, it is used to produce traditional roof tiles and can create striking textures when used as external cladding.  It has been shipped all over the world to be used as paving and can be cut to your design for memorial benches and standing stones. Whilst exterior designers continue to use natural stone in landscaping to create a rugged but relaxing space to reconnect with nature.

With these trends set to continue the only question is, how will you be using natural stone in your projects?

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