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It’s March! Spring is beginning to show, Easter eggs are lining shop shelves and social media is full of #MarchMeetTheMaker posts. For those of you who have never come across this hashtag, it was created by designer Joanne Hawker as an Instagram challenge in 2016 allowing a kind of behind the scenes look at businesses and the challenge is growing every year across social media! A list of challenges are posted for the month of March and makers from all over are encouraged to try to post a photo and explanation that ties in with that days challenge.

Today is day 15 “Motivation/Goals” so we have decided to turn that into this month’s blog as well as todays challenge. Here are our top 3 motivation and goals:

Awareness: One of our main goals is simply to make more people aware of our material, Caithness flagstone. Despite the fact it can literally be found paving streets all over the world, it is generally pretty unknown by a lot of customers, designers, engineers and planners. It is an indigenous stone found mainly in the Northern tip of Scotland but is often over looked or not looked into at all!

Versatility: Those customers and professionals who have come across Caithness flagstone have only ever seen it as a paving material when we (and you) know it can be used for so much more! Once we can raise awareness of the material itself, we can then show them just what can be done with it. From paving to roofing, worktops to hearths, it’s a material that can be used throughout a range of design projects.

Growth: We may be slightly biased but we think Caithness flagstone is one of the most durable and versatile indigenous natural stones around. We want to see it used more often in both modern design and renovation projects. Not only growing the awareness and popularity of using the stone but also growing as a company ourselves with our team growing and developing their skills along the way.

That’s day 15 done, keep an eye out across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the rest of our #MarchMeetTheMaker posts!

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