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**NEW** Laser & Sandblast Services

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Our last blog gave you a behind the scenes look at what Norse Stone got up to during lockdown with the help of a group of other local businesses and a new piece of machinery: a laser engraver and cutter. We had kept this new bit of kit hidden with the plan of unveiling it in April and starting our very own lasered product range however the coronavirus had other ideas. Instead of making coasters and gifts, we adapted and used the laser to make face shields and ear protectors for our local hospital and groups in need. Now things are slowly returning back to normal, we can start to put our original plan back in place and would like to introduce our new laser range with the help of our friends at Wolfburn Distillery.

Their fantastic selection of locally handmade whisky has reached customers, shops and bars all over the world but they felt their bottles should have an extra piece of home with them wherever they are displayed to really make them stand out from the crowd. This is where our laser came in. We worked together with the guys at Wolfburn to create something really unique, a Caithness flagstone bottle stand. A 90mm thick piece of high polished, perfectly finished Caithness flagstone completed with a lasered image of the Wolfburn logo on the front and if that wasn’t enough, we complemented it with lasered coasters as well. Check out the video below to see our laser in action and the finished products.

Keep an eye out for these wherever you see the Wolfburn bottles on display. Of course, you can always make the journey to the Wolfburn Distillery and shop itself to see them first hand and as part of the display in the wonderful J.A. Mackay’s Grocers in Thurso.

The laser engraver and cutter is not our only new piece of machinery though. See the perfectly formed circle on top of the bottle stands to ensure the perfect placement of the Wolfburn whisky bottles? We created those using a technique called sandblasting. Used for predominantly outdoor products like house signs, paving and memorials, we will now be able to offer a standard selection of items as well as one off bespoke pieces. Have a look at some of the work we have done so far!

We are really excited about these two new techniques which allows us to create entirely new options for our customers and products. Whilst we put the final touches to our standard ranges (keep checking back!), get in touch for more information about how laser engraving and sandblasting can be used in your next project.

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