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Trick or Treat...

Have we ever mentioned that our Norse Stone team are a group of amazing multi-talented people? It’s true! They deal with everything from quarrying the stone, running the business, marketing, splitting stone, machining and hand finishing our products all from our own quarries in Caithness. But their talents do not stop at the quarry. Some turn wood, others are keen bike and car enthusiasts, there are musicians, budding photographers, amazing bakers; the list goes on and in the run up to Halloween some of our team got into the “spirit” of the holiday and turned their creative hands and tools to pumpkin carving!

Once they decided on their designs, they had to draw it on their chosen pumpkins and gut them out. Unfortunately some of our team realised they made a big mistake using washable pens to mark out their designs. Next year, they will use something more permanent!

After some precision cutting, slashing and slicing, the Norse Stone team produced 4 spooktacular pumpkins.

What do you think? We will be holding a vote on our Facebook page later today so make sure to check back and let us know which is your favourite fangtastic carving.

We loved changing it up and taking you behind the scenes a bit with this Halloween blog but fear not, we will be leaving the squash behind and focusing our tools back on flagstone for our next blog!

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