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We are proud of...

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

The #marchmeetthemaker challenge gives us the chance to share lots of behind the scenes information with you all and today it is what we are proud of.

Norse Stone has come so far in just a few short years and has given us all endless reasons to be proud. One of our main achievements and reasons to be proud is of our team. There are several different working areas to a quarry and a unique set of skills needed for each area to work successfully both individually as well as in conjunction with other quarry areas and activities. Our team works hard to take on each challenge that is presented to them and learn both traditional and modern methods used in the industry.

The team needs this knowledge and experience to produce our Caithness flagstone product range, providing two extra reasons to feel pride. We are in awe of the natural stone that we quarry which is so specific to our small corner of the world and love seeing different processes required to transform it into the end products that are literally shipped all over the world. How could we not feel proud about that?!

Although we have many other things to feel proud of, our biggest one for this blog is going to be our community. Our community has shaped the Caithness flagstone industry for the best part of 200 years and continues to do so to this day. It has been there for us in our times of need and us for them. This rings especially true just now as we prepare for what the coronavirus (COVID-19) will bring in the coming weeks and months.

We can’t speak for all communities but certainly our local business community is doing their best to rally round and help local people and our services in this time of uncertainty. There are taxi company’s offering free services for older and vulnerable people, a local distillery who has made hand sanitiser for healthcare practices and residential homes and countless independent retailers and producers doing their best to ensure the local community has what they need. But this is a scary time for businesses as well and so whilst these businesses support us, we need to support them as well.

Norse Stone Ltd is currently operating as normal but we will do our best to make any customers, businesses and suppliers aware of any changes to this as the situation develops. We, like many others, are monitoring and following official advice and are committed to maintaining our production activities as best as possible whilst also safeguarding the wellbeing of our team. We are very proud of how our team and the local business community is responding to the situation so far.

In case you couldn’t tell, we have a lot to be proud of at Norse Stone and, once we can all work together to get through this next challenge, we hope to have a lot more that we can shout out about and be proud of in the future.

In the meant time, we hope you all stay safe, keep informed and take care of one another. Thank you for your support.

For the latest information of the Coronavirus in Scotland, visit NHS Inform.

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