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Part of our big plans in 2020 was to introduce two exciting new ranges of products and although lockdowns and temporary closure stopped us being able to do this as we originally planned, we have continued working behind the scenes and are now ready to launch the first of these new ranges: Sandblasting.

Paving, memorials, house signs and more can all be made with a selection of standard designs available to choose from as well as the option of designing bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces.

But just what is sandblasting? Well, sandblasting is a technique where an abrasive material is forcibly sprayed at a surface using compressed air to roughen, clean or (in our case) remove areas of the materials surface. To start the process, you get in touch with us and we help you develop your design and provide a quote. Once these have been approved, our design and sandblasting team get to work creating your order. Before we even get to blast anything our team needs to select, cut and finish the stone as well as prepare and apply the bespoke stencil. Now it is ready to be blasted in our specially built blasting workshop and, after all that, final touches like paint and fixings are added.

If you are looking for inspiration of finished products, here are a selection of examples in different sizes, shapes and designs.

We are offering free delivery within Caithness but remember, you aren’t restricted to just these! Standard or bespoke designs, our friendly sales and design team are available to provide advice for any project. So if you have an idea for a Caithness flagstone product that needs sandblasting, call us on 01955 467 000 or email

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